District and State Horse Show Nebraska 4-H District and State Horse Show Information

This page should answer almost any question that you might have concerning The District and State Horse Shows.  Good Luck, we hope you enjoy the show season!



4-H Interview Judging Contest

The Interview Contest is an opportunity for members to practice the real-life skill of applying for a job.  The contest involves a set of job descriptions that the members use to prepare for the process of applying and interviewing for a postition. This is for youth who are 4-H age 14-18.

4-H Public Speaking Contest4H speech participants

Participation in 4-H is what you make of it. 4-H has the potential to go far beyond youth leadership and development. Through 4-H, you participate in the process of learning. Whether or not the project or product is successful or wins an award, the skills you have learned will prepare you for living as an adult in the real world.

Public Speaking
Many former 4-H'ers rate their experiences in the public speaking and presentation contests as the most valuable experiences of their 4-H career.  Your experiences in these contests will help you develop the communication skills that you will use throughout your life. This year's South Panhandle 4-H Public Speaking Contest is on Thursday, April 10, at 7 PM at the South Platte NRD at 551 Parkland Drive in Sidney.

Public Service Announcements
In addition to the public speaking portion of the contest, there is also a category for public service announcements. These are 60-second radio spots which are recorded and judged prior to the contest. This year's theme is "Making a Lasting Impact".

Interview Contest
This year, there is an additional contest that will build valuable skills for your future. The Interview Contest is designed to teach you how to successfully apply for a job. Participants choose between three job postings and prepare a resume and cover letter. When they arrive for the contest, 4-H'ers will complete a job application and interview for the job. Participants will receive valuable feedback about their performance.

Registration for the contest and materials related to your category is due on Monday, April 7, at the Extension Office.

With public speaking, an outline of your speech should accompany your registration form.
For the PSA contest, include a CD with your recorded entry and a written copy of the text.
For the interview contest, please include your resume and cover letter with your registration form.

Speech and PSA Outlines

2014 4-H Public Speaking Contest Brochure and Registration Form

2014 Special Gardening Project - Love Lies Bleeding Amaranth

Love Lies Bleeding Amaranth PlantThis project is open to all youth of 4-H age and it will give them the opportunity to learn about growing, harvesting, preparing, and exhibiting this unique cut flower and grain.

The Special Gardening Project lets 4-H members try their hand at growing unusual vegetables and flowers.  The project allows experienced 4-H gardeners to grow something fun, new, and different while letting those new to gardening get their feet wet in this project area.





4-H Newsletters

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February 21, 2014 News Flash

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Livestock Quality Assurance Training

The Livestock QA Team is proud to introduce the online version available to Nebraska 4-H'ers to complete their Livestock Quality Assurance Requirement.  Livestock Quality Assurance is a self-directed course designed for youth ages 8-18.  Participants will learn about good production practices and producing quality food products from taking this course.

The course has been divided into three levels, Junior (4-H Youth Ages 8-10), Intermediate (4-H Youth Ages 11-14), and Senior (4-H Youth Ages 15-18).  Each year youth will be required to complete three modules within their age level.  Youth are eligible to work ahead so that they will be done with Quality Assurance requirements until they reach the next age level.

Please watch the Quality Assurance YouTube Video that shows step by step how to register for QA training, complete the modules and then print/submit certificates.

Written Instructions

Kimball-Banner County

Cheyenne County

2014 Photography Career Exhibit Print ThemesPuppy and Kitten

UNIT II: CAREER EXHIBIT PRINT: Explore a career as a pet photographer. Pet photographers know just how much pet owners love their animals and capturing pets in print is a great way to honor that relationship. Capture photos of your favorite pets and consider creative locations and whimsical props for your photo shoots.

UNIT III: CAREER EXHIBIT PRINT: Explore a career as an editorial photographer. Editorial photographers take pictures that highlight the topics being written about in books, magazines, and newspapers. Editorial photos should be creative, powerful images that tell an intriguing story. Capture editorial photos that tell Nebraska's story.

4H members record bookNebraska 4-H Career Portfolio and Recordbooks

The Nebraska 4-H Career Portfolio is the annual record-keeping system used by Nebraska 4-H youth; it is a composite of all 4-H and non 4-H projects/activities throughout the individual's 4-H career. The 4-H Career Portfolio is required for Nebraska 4-H youth to be eligible for many county and state awards.




Nebraska 4-H Diamond Clover Program

4hdiamondcloverpinThe Nebraska 4-H Diamond Clover Program encourages 4-H youth to engage in a variety of projects and activities that will enable members to acquire the life skills necessary to lead successful lives as competent, caring and contributing citizens. The program's overall goal is to provide 4-H members a rich and diverse learning experience.

The Nebraska 4-H Diamond Clover Program is designed for all ages of 4-H members.  4-H members may begin participation in the Nebraska 4-H Diamond Clover Program at any time of the year.

To begin the Diamond Clover Program, a 4-H member must complete the Plan portion of the Plan & Report form. This is saved and attached to the Report Portion of the form that is filled out and turned into the local county extension office at the end of the year.

4-H Pick a Project

The UNL Pick Your Project web page helps youth, parents, and leaders select projects. It identifies project areas, career choices and exhibits and includes related, additional curricula resources. It also includes resources for projects which do not require a specific curriculum, eg. Decorate Your Duds.




2014 4H Summer Camp and Trips4-H Camp Information

The 2014 Summer Season is approaching fast! We are thrilled to invite all youth to enjoy summer camp with the Nebraska 4-H Camps and Centers at any of our sites – Gretna, Halsey, and Destination camps.


 Nebraska 4-H Participant Permission and Health Form


State Fairbook   Check out information for 4-H at the Nebraska State Fair, including the 2012 Fairbook. A description of the Premier 4-H Science Award can be found under General Rules

2013 Cheyenne County Fairbook (92 pages)

2013 Kimball-Banner Counties Fairbook


Enrollment Forms

2014 Kimball-Banner Counties Enrollment Form

2014 Cheyenne County Youth Enrollment Form

2014 Cheyenne County Clover Kid Enrollment Form

2014 Cheyenne County Volunteer Enrollment Form